Dr. Shailesh Pangaonkar is a renowned Psychiatrist from Nagpur, Maharashtra specialising in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Cognitive Sciences. He has rich experience of more than 15 years and is a pioneer in the field of Behavioural Sciences.


He accomplished MBBS in 1994 from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences (MGIMS), affiliated to Nagpur University. Simultaneously, he pursued BA (Psychology) in order to study human behavior and related sciences. He did specialisation (DPM) in Psychological Medicine from KEM Hospital, Mumbai in 1996. Dr. Pangaonkar went on to obtain his DNB from National Board of Education (Mm. of Health & Family Welfare), New Delhi in 1997. He has undergone intensive training in Child and Adolescence from World Psychiatric Association and with WHO De-addiction Center of Excellence at KEM.


Dr. Pangaonkar is actively involved in organising and hosting various events for spreading awareness amongst the masses. Some of his contributions worth highlighting are as below-

- Delivered 2000 public lectures for 120000 people in Vidarbha population covered include Parents, Teachers, Students, Children, Sports persons, Coaches, Senior citizens, Women folk, Actors, Patients, Couples, Dieticians, Alcoholics, Executives and Managers.
- Covered areas like TV hazards, Academic problems , Concentration and memory problems, Performance Anxiety, Marital harmony, Emotional... [+]

  • Hitwada- Lokmat- Rural school and Hygiene level (May 1993).

  • Preventive and Social Medicine Bulletin. Experience of an intern in a ROME (Reorientation of Medical Education) Project (April 1994).

  • Incidence of treatment dropouts in Municipal Corporation Psychiatry Unit (June 1996).

  • IPS-Journal. Faith healing practices amongst Urban Caregivers of Schizophrenia (Jan 1997).

  • IPS-West Zone Journal. Emotional Needs of School children on children Apperception Test (Oct 1997).

  • Journal of Indian Association of Pediatrics. Emotional and Social status of Learning Disabled Children (Sept 1999).

  • Indian journal Of Intensive care for pediatrics Crisis Outside. Biological Psychiatry Journal – Genetics of Schizophrenia. ICU: Parents Crisis (Jan 2000).

  • All National and Local News paper. Hazards of TV: Effect on growing Brain (July 2002).

  • Journal of Obstetric and Gynecologist Society of India. Primarily of a Woman: With Primary Infertility (Sep 2002).

  • 70-80 News editions on Current issues published in local Newspaper between Oct 2002-2010 on topics- 

    - Children with Academic problem.
    - Suicide psychology and Indian cricket 
    - Stress management for Executives.
    - Crisis management. 
    - Media –its role in Awareness building.
    - Role of Yoga in Mental health.
    - Teacher-role in managing future threats.
    - School Environment as facilitator of Socialization.
    - Parenting.
    - Diet and personality.  
    - Dementia.
    - Spiritually and Science.
    - Srimad Bhagwat Puran (The Science of Healing Mind).

  • International Presentation- World Psychiatrist Association, Spain-2014-15.

  • Presentation on personality of students organised by Career Function.

  • IPS President Award 1997 for Research on Child Psychology .

  • Out Standing Young Indian (TOYI) Award by National Junior Chamber 2002 for Leadership In Child Development .

  • KTL Mangalmurty Oration 2003 for Leadership in Sports Psychology.

  • Natlonal Oration for Obs-Gynae Society Nagpur 2001 on Infertility.

  • Counseled Indian Cricket team At Nagpur in 2003.

  • Transformed 3 local players to National Champions.

  • Visiting Consultant : SMC: Sharjah and Dubai.

  • IMA– First prize for debate on Euthanesia.

  • 2rd April 2010 – Sakal -  To Mark the world Awareness Day. The rally organized by ‘Vishwas’ parents of Autistic Children Association of Central Institute of Behavioural Sciences.

  • 18th April 2010 – The Hitwada - Dr.Shailesh pangaonkar delivered lecture on Autism Day in Sanmvedana School.

  • 26th April 2010 – Tarun Bharat - Yugantar Education Society for Music Therapy in Mental Health.

  • 7th June 2010 – The Hitwada - Program organized by Adolescent Helth Chapter, IAP, Indian Medical Association, Polytech Mitra and Sakal group.

  • 26th September 2010 – Lokshahi Warta -  Dr.Shailesh pangaonkar delivered lecture in Maheshwari Samaj on World Alzheimer’s Day .

  • Expert’s opinion for “Star Maza”, Zee 24hrs, UCN.

  • All India Radio broadcasted Dr.Shailesh pangaonkar`s talk on sports - 13 episode serial on sports psychology. For the young generation- How to improve concentration?

  • 6th Nov 2009– Article on problem children.

  • 29th November 2008- Lokmat Samachar– The effect of Bomb blasts in Mumbai on Housewives.

  • 17th November 2008- Star Maza psychiatrists opinion on ghost.

  • 6th November 2008 - Hitwada, Times of India, Lokmat lecture by Dr.Shailesh pangaonkar on suicide in Adolescent organized by Indian Medical Association.

  • 6th August 2008 – TOI  published Dr.Shailesh Pangaonkar expert opinion in parenting a child with deformities.

  • MBBS- MGIMS, Nagpur University, Nagpur (1994).

  • BA (Psychology)- Nagpur University, Nagpur (1994).

  • Diploma in Psychological Medicine (DPM)- KEM, Mumbai University, Mumbai (1996).

  • Diplomat of National Board- National Board of Education (Mm. of Health &Family Welfare), New Delhi (1997).

  • Trained under WHO– De-addiction Center of Excellence at KEM, Mumbai in 1995–1996.

  • Trained Child and Adolescence under World Psychiatric Association.

  • Life Fellow of Indian Psychiatric Society.

  • Fellow American Psychiatric Association.

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